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Building a strong brand culture for a rapidly growing inter-city team

321 Education Foundation

The 321 Foundation empowers schools through their teacher training and school strengthening programs. As the organisation evolved they came to S&R to re-design their visual identity and narrative to best represent their current work.

The new identity reflected 321’s forward-thinking innovative and optimistic work ethic. We also designed their marketing website, brand brochure, brand collaterals, and brand videos to translate their story across multiple mediums for a wide audience. This enabled 321 to confidently communicate their work to external audiences which in turn helped in their partner and donor acquisition strategy and in their team recruitment. 

Tasked with the challenge to preserve this work culture within a rapidly growing team, we designed a set of Culture Cards to capture 321’s culture. These cards were the guiding principles for teams across the country and were used extensively for internal and external meetings. 

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