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Repositioning Atma's program offering to better connect with its consumers

ATMA: Accelerator Program for NGOs

ATMA provides strategic solutions to help NGOs scale through their accelerator program. With the intent of scaling up their partnerships, ATMA wanted to re-position themselves to their clients as approachable, innovative, fresh, and relatable. They also wanted to simplify their narrative to encourage partners to reach out to them. 

We designed the website keeping these requirements in mind and after a round of research to understand what partner organisations are looking for. The information on the landing page is a combination of what they offer, the benefits of the partnership, and stories and testimonials from partners that their target audience can immediately relate to. The pop green colour brings freshness and innovation to the brand. The tone and language makes the organisation approachable and easy to understand. Through the content and design of the website, we were able to re-position the brand to what they envisioned for the organisation moving forward. 

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