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Creating a Market for a Unique Dance-Centred Education Program in India

Future School of Performing Arts

FSPA is a non-profit performing arts school and studio space. One of the first of its kind in India, FSPA was set up to create an ecosystem of professional dancers in the country. They came to S&R to build a professional and aspirational brand identity for the school, in order to create a market for this career path for students.


We created an identity that embodies the angles, lines, form, and structure seen in dance. We built a comprehensive communication system in the form of a brand manual that includes usage guidelines for design, photography, and written communication. Through this branding system we helped FSPA position itself as an aspirational, professional academy that attracted the right students for the programs. 


We helped FSPA recruit its first cohort by designing an FSPA student prospectus, a social media recruitment campaign, marketing materials, and event collaterals. Through our efforts, FSPA has started receiving applicants and sending out acceptances to its first cohort.

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