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Articulating Rangsutra’s brand voice to build deeper connections with its consumers


Rangsutra is a retail company and a cooperative that works with and supports the livelihoods of over 3,000 artisans across India. When Rangsutra came to us, they were looking to transition more fully into the retail space by launching an e-commerce platform where products can be sold under the Rangsutra brand. This required a brand narrative that would attract consumers and build a loyal customer base.


Based on research insights with consumers, we crafted a brand story for Rangsutra that put the product at the centre, while using Rangsutra’s powerful story of artisan empowerment as a supporting element. The narrative “What you wear has a voice” built a deep connection between the consumer and the Rangsutra mission, creating a loyal consumer base.

This narrative was developed into a brand booklet and marketing website that outlines Rangsutra’s vision, ideals, and products with real artisan testimonials.

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