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Recreating the depth and intimacy of SNEHA’s onground work online


SNEHA is a non-profit organisation working with women and children on health and nutrition through all stages of their lives from birth to maternity. They came to S&R to write and design the website to reflect the depth of work that they do on the ground in a way that will encourage their stakeholders (funders, partners, and governments) to participate and contribute to SNEHA’s vision.


The depth and impact of SNEHA’s work was evident when we visited the communities in which they work. Our primary goal for the website was to showcase that on-ground experience on the web to reach a wider audience. We used photography and individual case stories from the field to bring the experience of SNEHA’s work to the web audience. We had to simplify and write a concise and inspiring narrative to explain their various levels of interventions, and leveraged infographics and illustrations to tell our story in the most engaging manner. 


As a result of the new website narrative and design, SNEHA received increased engagement and deeper conversations with their stakeholders.

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