An immersive bootcamp for social impact orgs to deep dive into relevant processes, strategies and tools to strengthen communications and program delivery

June 18-20th
It’s online :)

This year, we have taken our conference completely digital, and prioritised preparing you and your organisation with the right tools and processes to dive into the COVID year with confidence and clarity. 
We’ve curated a unique 3-day digital experience packed with sessions & interactive workshops focussed around adaptive strategies, fresh perspectives and ready-to-use plans. The conference is extremely immersive, and specifically designed to give you tangible ways to improve your team’s efficiency and drive deeper impact.

The Submarine Conference 2020, will limit seats to 20 members across social sector organisations.

Who is this conference for? 

SC2020 is specifically curated for members in leadership roles at organisations driving social change across India.

Participation Fee: N/A

Keeping the global crisis in mind, Subu & Rakshit has decided to waive this year’s participation fee for the conference. 


If you are interested in applying to the conference, please click here and fill out the sign up form. Our team will reach out to you once we confirm your seat. 


1. Strengthening your narrative

Your pitch is the most powerful tool to connect with your stakeholder. Keeping it relevant, and relatable makes the buy-in a lot easier. This workshop will help you with a simple framework that you can adopt to make your brand narrative, and your fundraising & partnership pitch more effective.

2. Staying connected to your end beneficiary

Understanding how external changes affect your end beneficiaries is critical to stay in sync and provide relevant support. This session will focus on how content and medium play a role in influencing the effectiveness of a program. We will highlight aspects of program delivery to consider, ranging from tone, language, form factor, to accessibility.

3. Taking your idea to the finish line: Part I

Centring ideas and strategies around the needs of the end-user is an efficient way to improve your communications and program impact. This session will provide you with a simple process to understand your end-users, and a framework to structure & prioritise your ideas before implementing them.

4. Taking your idea to the finish line: Part II

Changing times, tight deadlines and limited resources can make it hard for teams to problem-solve, and efficiently make improvements to their ideas. This session will take participants through structures and processes that we use at S&R to stay agile, and build long-lasting solutions with resource and time constraints.

5. Retooling for remote working

As teams are thrown into remote working, new challenges have surfaced. This workshop will help you deepen your understanding of your current challenges and work through various productivity tools and processes to address them.

6. Keeping your team engaged and motivated

Leveraging communications to stay connected with the team, virtually support team members, and recreate a sense of community and office culture and comradery, that will keep the team engaged and motivated during and beyond the period of work from home.


10-10.30am: Opening + Intro

10.30-11.30am: Session 1
11.30am-12.30pm: Session 2

12.30-1pm: Recap + Takeaways 



10-10.15am: Refresher

10.15-11.15am: Session 3

11.15am-12.15pm: Session 4

12.15-12.30: Q/A

12.30-1pm: Recap + Takeaways


10-10.15am: Refresher

10.15-11:15am: Session 5

11.15-12:15pm: Session 6

12.15-1pm: Reflections + Closing


Meghna Rakshit

Partner, CEO

Subu & Rakshit


Harish Subramanian

Partner, Creative Head

Subu & Rakshit


Adhishree Parasnis

Senior Strategist
Subu & Rakshit


Rimjhim Surana

Senior Design Researcher
Subu & Rakshit